03 February 2021

#3 - Inundation

Egyptian mythology has a surprising amount to say about what happened before creation happened, but it all depends on where you’re standing when you hear the story.

From out of nothing everything shall rise;
The darkness washes, sigh becoming sea.
This pointed land is silent, nothing cries –
The eight have twined and, dying, made this lea.

Now boundless dark is limited, secure,
As Sun bursts forth and so the sky is seen.
The Maker mates himself and so ensures
That generations cleave to paint this scene.

But travel further south and they’ll dare swear:
Creation comes from thoughtfulness, not swank
And down the river, stranger, they’ll declare:
The Form Behind All Forms first formed this bank.

Though details dicker, shifting in the sun,
One thing’s for sure: we’ll end as we’ve begun.


“Sunrise at Creation” from Ancient Egypt by David P. Silverman, via Wikipedia
(incidentally, the least obscene depiction I was able to find...)

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