07 February 2021

#7 - Corvid Muggins

 Quite frankly, I smoked a blunt, wrote the words 'corvid muggins', and the rest is an afterthought with a bad joke at the end. Here's a wikipedia link to some stuff you might find interesting.

assigning guilt is such a human trait
all blaming corvid muggins for their plight
and yeah so what my care for them is slight
they make you god and then get all irate
at piddlin’ tiny changes in their state
trickster they call me, never honoured sprite
they worship without love just fear and spite
a trickster god? ha! name me one that ain’t
it’s spondee time: I’m. A. Bird. Mate. ya see
i barely even notice if you’re there
this world revolves in no small way round me
so if i ever hold you in my stare
unlikely i’ll be thinking much of you
cuz in the woods i got bare shit to do


Yes, yes, Never More, can I go now?

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