05 February 2021

#5 - High As An Elephant's Eye

(Serin Thomasin)

The Creation Myth of the Mayan People.

The makers: Gugumatz and Tepeu
Have dreamed the earth awake, alive, and now
Desire some adulation for their new
Creation. Praise is surely due, but how?

From mud, then wood, they recreate themselves
But soon discard plans A) and B) with scorn
The wood won't think, the mud simply dissolves.
Plan C): they make their avatars from corn.

And men of corn can think, and love, and know!
But soon they reach too high, and know too much.
The gods feel superseded now, and so
They prune back hard: a practised farmer's touch.

For gods do not not want equals, they want praise.
Shoot up too fast, they'll grind you down for maize.


Image from Siggi of Maine

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