10 February 2021

#10 - Tagine: A Recipe For End Times

An important part of Islamic eschatology is the Day of Resurrection and the Day of Judgement similar that deipicted in the Book of Revelation. Mid pestilence, I felt to reference Rumi's writing on the subject rather than look to current affairs for inspiration.

On these days without dates, there will always be you,

New layers from teary roots. While in the kitchen;

Ruminating on Rumi, a ruminant stews,

Earthenware roiling hints of incense and saffron,

Sultry sultanas bright with almonds, scents of you,

Underneath it all, his words, “A lover in life

Remains a lover in death a lover in the tomb

Resurrection day and a lover in paradise.”

Echoes of scripture.” You say, on a cayenne smoulder,

Capturing the truth of us in sugars and spice,

Tomorrow, further infused with loving whispers,

It returns to being the pot boiling device,

Over the top, like Dulce et decorum est,

Noting: “the heart that is not in love will fail the test."


Desert Sunset - North Africa

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