04 February 2021

#4 - She sleeps until a whistle cuts the dark

(Russell J Turner)

Yhi is an Australian Aboriginal goddess of light and creation

She sleeps until a whistle cuts the dark

of Dreaming – light falls soft upon the earth –

to usher in a sunrise and a birth,

the dawning of an unimagined spark.

And where she walks her footsteps leave their mark

a panoply of greenery and mirth,

as flowers, grasses, fruits and fungi girth

the world while branches frame the heavens’ arc.

But she would dance, and bids us to the ball,

to leap and fly and creep across the plain,

to greet the skies and seas that feed us all,

to whirl beneath the gentle evening rain.

She draws the darkness round her like a shawl.

She sleeps until the sun comes up again.


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