24 February 2021

#24 - ir/rational

(Russell J Turner) 

An irrational sonnet is an Oulipo form devised by Jacques Bens, with stanza lengths based on the digits of π. This one takes its cue from both mathematics and the non-creationism of Jainism

A circle curves back to infinity,

yet paradoxically constrained by three

point one four one five nine two six (or so)

The endless wheel rolls round, rolls on and on

For there are bounds to everything we know 

the limits of irrationality,

approximate perfectibility

uncertainty above, caprice below

The endless wheel rolls round, rolls on and on

We dance at dawn until the summer’s gone

We read the words and then we turn the page

We feed the fires and dream all winter long

We sing a path through this eternal song

We live, we die, we love, we cry, we age


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