21 February 2021

#21 - The Tenth Cycle

In Hindu philosophy, there are ten major avatars or incarnations of Vishnu, the god of preservation. Vishnu is said to descend in the form of an avatar to restore cosmic order whenever it is out of balance. According to Hinduism, nine incarnations have already appeared, and the tenth, Kalki, is due to appear at the end of the present epoch, when chaos and evil have reached their nadir.

The Tenth Cycle   

When chaos, fear and horror reign like kings
and pestilence and poverty loom large, 
he takes his flaming sword and leads the charge,
restarts the world and changes everything. 
So, close your eyes, breathe deep, and count to ten.
Let all disasters fade into the past.
The universe is infinite and vast:
there’s time to change the world and try again. 

Existence can be filtered by degrees
until the water’s clear and sweet and warm.
This battle is pursued internally;
compassion is our vital call to arms.
In cosmic circles, balance is the key, 
and, after all, the tenth time is the charm. 


Kalki Avatar by Raja Ravi Varma 

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