08 February 2021

#8 – Chorus

From Ainulindalë, the Tolkien Creation Myth for Middle-Earth.

Eru Ilúvatar lifts unseen hands
And beckons harmonies on grander scales
His lovely instruments will weave their strands
To summon up from nothing hills and vales.

The tune moves onward: elegiac, strong,
And concepts bold and novel now take flight.
The song is everything and all is song,
With sound translating every shade of light.

But dissonance creeps in through one raised voice
For Melkor needs to stand out from the crowd
Thrice shifting up the theme he makes his choice
Departs to where he’ll loudly stand new ground.

And though rebellion’s notes still echo, raw
Its children’s beauty’s worth the broken law.

You know when you find a perfect image but the place from which you got it doesn’t cite its sources and reverse image search just keeps bringing you back to the same place? That.
Cite your sources, people!

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